Name: Ingy Dust
Place of Birth: Bucharest
Instruments: vocals, guitars

Occupation: Webdesigner
Hobby: fishing, watch soccer on stadium and computers
Idols: James Hetfield (music), Antonescu (history), Catalin Haldan (sport)
Favourite Band: Metallica, Pantera, Sepultura, Slayer, Soulfly
Favourite Album: Master of Puppets (Metallica), Cowboys From Hell (Pantera)
Favourite Videoclip: One (Metallica)
Favourite DUST's song: Distrug (Destroy)
Favourite Pet: Cat
Favourite Team: Dinamo Bucharest
Favourite Drink: Lemon Fanta, Sprite
Favourite Food: Big Mac, force-meat rolls in vine leaves
Favourite Movie: Braveheart
Favourite Book: Morometii (M. Preda)
Say something! I hate motherfucker "rockers" who prefer to drik and they not enter to metal concert.

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